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Carbon Monoxide Detector

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) an average of 430 people die unintentionally every year due to carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s odorless, colorless and undetectable. These deaths are all preventable. Every home should have a carbon monoxide detector.

Heat Detector

Heat detectors can help protect your home or business from fires. A smoke detector only senses smoke, which means a fire has already started. A heat detector can sense unusual amounts of heat and alert the alarm company saving precious time and sometimes avoiding the fire altogether. Kitchens, utility areas, laundry rooms, garages, and attics are all good places to put a heat detector.

Freeze Detector

When your home gets too cold, pipes freeze and burst. What would happen if your furnace stopped working in the winter when you were away on vacation? A freeze detector would alert the monitoring center. Many can also be linked to your smart phone.

Water Detector

Washing machines, dishwashers, sinks and water heaters have been known to spring leaks. Installing a water detector lets you know there’s a problem before your home suffers water damage.

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