Wireless Security Cameras

Our HD wireless security cameras provide high-quality footage of any area you’d like to observe. Whether for residential or commercial use, you can keep an eye on kids, grandma, or employees. It’s like being at your home or business 24 hours a day.

Convenient Digital Recorder Makes Reviewing Video Easy

When you want to review any video footage, it’s easy. Just login to your account online and you can watch, rewind, fast forward, pause, and more – just like you’re watching a movie. Want to check on the babysitter? Want to make sure employees are using best practices with customers? No problem. You can check it all on high-quality HD. While a 30-day loop is standard, the storage capacity for digitally recorded video can be set for as long as you need it to cover.

Remote Access Lets You Be There in Real Time

With remote access, you can even keep an eye on your home or your employees in real time. Want to make sure the kids made it home from school? Want to keep an eye on more than one business location at the same time? The applications are endless. We even have a mobile camera available that can be moved from room to room. With surveillance cameras, you can see everything that happens.

Commercial Applications

  • Deter Theft
  • Monitor Employee Behavior including Interaction with Customers
  • Monitor Employee Arrival, Departure, and Break Times

Residential Applications

  • Check on Latchkey Kids after School
  • Get Peace of Mind for Elderly Family Members Living Alone
  • Keep an Eye on Teenage Activities

Call us with any questions at (325) 677-7233 and we’ll be happy to help you add security cameras to create the security system that’s a perfect fit for your home or business!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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