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Smart, Simple, Safe...

Introducing 2GIG Technologies

  • We monitor your security system 24 hours a day for emergencies and dispatch local authorities when needed.  A good monitoring station has an average response time of 30 to 35 seconds.  Other security signals from other alarm companies (even with 2GIG) can take up to 45 seconds to reach their monitoring station.  Add a 45 second response time from them and that is a minute and a half before they take action on an alarm signal.  We strive to respond to all emergency signals from your security system in a time of 25 seconds or less.  And our alarm communicators transmit within seconds. Our average response time for 2013 was 18.9 seconds.  Our response time is unbeatable in the security industry.

  • Simple to Operate

    • Arm your security system on a color touch screen with one touch arming and disarm it with 4 digit code disarming

    • Arm or disarm your alarm system with a press of a single button with your keychain remote

  • Control your security system through your smart phone or computer (optional at no charge)

    • arm and disarm your security system 

    • view system events (what time your alarm system was armed/disarmed & by who)

  • Receive important notifications through text or email (optional at no charge)

    • arming and disarming of your security system 24 hours a day or fail to arm or disarmed at scheduled times/days of the week

    • instant notifications if your security system goes into alarm

    • notifications on prority detection (example: gun safe or medicine cabinet door is opened)

  • Home Control Ready (optional)

    • Control z-wave devices by schedule, triggers, system touch screen or smart phones and computers

      • z-wave thermostats (studies have shown that you can save an average of 10% on your utility bill by installing a programmable thermostat)

      • z-wave deadbolts (lock and unlock deadbolts for security and convenience)

      • z-wave locks (lock and unlock locks for security and convenience)

      • z-wave light modules (never come home to a dark home, make it look like someone is home when you are on vacation)

      • z-wave plug in modules (forgot to turn something off, no problem)

  • Home Owners Insurance Discount

    • qualifies for a discount up to 20% with most insurance companies

  • Cellular Communicator

    • the quickest method to transmit alarm signals from your security system to our monitoring stations

    • the safest way to relay emergency alarm signals to our monitoring stations (no phone line to cut by intruder)

    • you do not need a home telephone line




You have a 100% money back guarantee with our products and service.  You will be very pleased or you get your money back with no questions asked.  Smart... Simple... Safe...

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